Ghost Regiment

Ghost Regiment 

All pre-orders receive immediate membership in the Liberty Ghost Regiment.  


This exclusive membership includes:  

  • Limited edition NFT camo pattern, the first camo ever developed for the blockchain. 

  • Liberty Ghost Regiment Patch NFT. The design of the patch will be decided upon by members of the Liberty Ghost Regiment. 

  • One-year subscription to the ultra-secure Unplugged App Suite on day 1.  

  • Access to the Liberty App where you can send, receive or hold LIBERTY rewards, as well as BTC, ETH, and GALA.  

  • The ‘School House.’ Receive virtual blocks of instruction from former intelligence and cyber professionals on information security (INFOSEC), communications security (COMSEC), and operational security (OPSEC). Additionally, learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology from experts who built the largest node ecosystem on Earth – larger than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined 


Be a Ghost, join the community.

Your phone. Your data. Not Big Tech's.